Johan Strydom, Vice President, Application Engineering, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation


Johan Strydom is currently the head of Applications Engineering at EPC Corporation.
He received his Ph.D. from the Rand AfrikaansUniversity, South Africa in 2001. From
1999 to2002 he was workingas a GRA and post-doctoral researcher at the Center for
PowerElectronics (CPES), Virginia Tech. Prior to joining EPC, he held variousApplication
Engineering positions at International Rectifier Corporation (IRF)and more recently
Linear Technology Corporation (LLTC), working on awide range of consumer and
industrial applications including motor drives,Class-D audio, hybrid power modules
and DC-DC converters for VRM and POL.
 “eGaN® FET based Wireless Energy Transfer using a New Zero Voltage Switching
Class-D Topology”
The popularity of highly resonant, loosely coupled, wireless energy transfer systems
operating at 6.78 MHz has increased dramatically over the last fewyears. In this
presentation a performancecomparison between the class Eand a new Zero Voltage
Switching (ZVS) voltage mode class D amplifiertopologies is presented and is realized
using both MOSFETs and eGaN FETsfor a given coil system. The comparison will look
at peak power performance,load variation performance, loadregulation performance,
and the impact offoreign metal objects on the performance of the devices. The results
areexpanded to showcomparative A4WP Class 3 efficiency results using a CAT3 load coil.



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