Wang Hongbo,Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer of the National Telecommunication Metrology Center (TMC). He has been with TMC since April of 1998. His main research areas are: Wireless Communications, the Internet of Things, Microwave Technology, Electromagnetic Compatibility, etc. He has completed two development projects of the Ministry of science and technology, one project of Central Communications Budget Line, six projects of ministries. He has been awarded three medals of the Ministry Science and Technology Progress Award, two medals of institute-level science and technology progress award.
He was with the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a senior technician, deputy director and technical manager of the Microwave and Wireless Communication Laboratory from April 2007 to April 2009. Starting in March 2010 was hired as an adjunct research fellow of the department of electronic engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Act as IEC/CISPR, and ITU-R, IEEE, NFC, WiGig, and WPC members participated in international standardization of radio interference, electromagnetic compatibility, human exposure to electromagnetic fields, channel modeling, near-field communications, millimeter-wave communications, and wireless power supply. He holds a chairmanship in working groups of CCSA TC9. He has been responsible for drafting a large number of communications products industry and national standards. Has published several articles in national and international journals retrieved by SCI, and published a number of monographs and translations.



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