Fady Mishriki,CEO and co-founder,PowerbyProxi

Fady is the CEO and co-founder of PowerbyProxi. After studying wireless power systems through his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic), he became the catalyst for the creation of PowerbyProxi and provided the initial drive for the commercialization of new wireless power technology that was being developed at The University of Auckland, the world’s recognized leader in wireless power.
Fady continues to lead the charge to enable the industrial and consumer electronics markets  ‘the power to unplug’.   He spends his time between the Silicon Valley, United States (company’s commercial headquarters) and Auckland, New Zealand (company’s engineering center of excellence).
With experience in designing and delivering thousands of real-world customer applications for wireless power, Fady is also one of the world’s leading inventor and entrepreneur in the deployment of wireless power systems in the most difficult and demanding environments.
Fady holds a conjoint Bachelor of Engineering (EEE) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the world renowned wireless power research leader, The University of Auckland.



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