David Baarman,Director of Advanced Technologies,Fulton Innovation

David Baarman is the Director of Advanced Technologies at Fulton Innovation and the lead inventor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power technology. Mr. Baarman is responsible for the technical supervision and development of eCoupled technology and other Fulton Innovation technologies.
Mr. Baarman joined Amway in 1997, where he first pioneered the use of intelligent inductive coupling in the eSpring™ Water Purifier. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the development of consumer and industrial products, Mr. Baarman took the technology behind eSpring and developed it to power everyday technologies, including consumer electronics, with a diverse range of power needs.
Mr. Baarman’s efforts have led to national and global recognition of eCoupled technology and the acquisition of former competitor, Splashpower, in May 2008. Mr. Baarman has more than 700 U.S. and foreign patents that are granted or pending.



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